National Road Show IFBC

The monetary crisis has now been a distant memory as Indonesia continues its rapid recovery. The initial investor concern eventually gave way to the recognition of the improved health of Indonesian economy and business. The government acted decisively to implement a wide range of measures to ease the liquidity crunch and to provide stimulus to the economy. As a result, Indonesian economy particularly in franchising contribute 1,9% of the 2014 Gross National Domestic Products.

Worldwide market participants are now able to view Indonesia as a country with great potential. Having the 4th largest population in the world, Indonesia has a large domestic market to offer, over 53% of which lives in urban areas ad adopts a modern lifestyle. The continuing progress has led the government to forecast a 6 percent economic growth in 2016. Enterpreneurship has becomes an emerging field in Indonesia. Therefore, Info Franchise & Business Concept Expo 2016 would like to point to the rising of new entrepreneurship around the world. The encouragement and nurture of new enterpreneurs have been acknowledged to be the key to weather any future financial crisis. Enterpreneurship stimulates new ideas in business and to provide necessary skills to bring the ideas into reality. This year, Info Franchise & Business Concept Expo 2016 strives to carry on motto : EMPOWERING INDONESIAN ENTREPRENEURS, in every sense of words.

Road Show Info Franchise & Business Concept Expo 2016 is the choice forum where National Franchises, Business Opportunities, Supporting Industries, Authorities and Professionals assemble to share and showcase their valuable contributions. The Expo takes place in six major cities in Indonesia, to reach out to motivated enterpreneurs, and to help established businesses in getting direct contact with potential investors. Through the forum, companies gain acces to possible expansion, unexpected opportunities, new contacts and interest, image branding, and to achieve a wide range of sales and marketing objectives.

For those with genuine interest in starting or expanding their brand in Indonesia, the Info Franchise and Business Concept Expo 2016 will be the premium event that has a direct contact to investors. Come and Join us now !



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