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About Pink Parlour
Pink Parlour was founded on a simple idea, that women should not be ashamed to seek a better version of themselves. Women should embrace their beauty and the rituals required to achieve that beauty. Beauty should be Bold; it should not hide behind a whisper or apologize for itself.

Pink Parlour’s mission is to embolden women to take ownership of their confidence and choices through providing the modern lady with high quality, safe and effective grooming solutions. Our promise is to have each client walk out feeling confident, bolder and ready to take on the world.

Pink Parlour started out as the rebellious sister of beauty salons in Singapore. Not satisfied with being just another solution for the removal of unsightly body hair for women, Pink Parlour took the market by storm with our bold and in your face approach towards waxing and nails. Clients walked in proudly to undergo our award winning painless Brazilian Wax. Pink Parlour captured the attention and imagination of the market with our strong brand recognition and was covered in every media platform available.

Pink Parlour Indonesia
Opened its first outlet in 2013, Pink Parlour Indonesia currently has four outlets across Jakarta: Kemang Village, Pacific Place, Grand Indonesia and Lippo Mall Puri. We want to give our customers the best beauty service experience with international standards. All our staffs are trained directly by our principal and hold Pink Parlour certification. Apart from excellent customer service, we want to give the best treatment to our customers. We use Pink Parlour own products to guarantee highest quality and outcome of the service.

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