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November 22, 2022

Asosiasi Franchise Indonesia participated in Asia Pasific Franchise Confereration (APFC) and World Franchise Council (WFC) Meeting in Seoul, South Korea on 19th – 22 October 2022

As a member of APFC and WFC, Indonesian Franchise Association (AFI) were honoured to be part of the APFC and WFC Meeting hosted by Korea Franchise Association (KFA). This meeting were also participated by other country members including United Kingdom, New Zealand, Netherlands, Portugal, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil, and many more. The meeting discussed on the franchise current trends, new franchise development, franchise current issues, activities updates and future planning and execution of APFC and WFC activities and programs.

The Delegation were also invited to the Opening Ceremony of Korea International Franchise Show which was held from 20th – 22nd of October 2022 at COEX Convention Centre.

AFI will actively continue to engage with other countries association, government and institution on promoting a collective understanding of best practices in fair and ethical franchising worldwide.

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